Structural Assessments and Feasibility Studies

Flooding can cause extensive damage to a house.  Countless numbers are affected by it with each hurricane or heavy rain event.  The time and cost to repair is significant.  Elevating the house out of the flood plain and above flood waters is a way to guarantee flood waters will never damage a house again.  This is a significant investment but for many homeowners, there is financial assistance through programs such as the Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program (FMA) and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP).

Before a house is lifted, there is much that needs to happen.  This is where Comal can help.  We are a Civil/Structural Engineering Firm experienced with home elevation projects.  We have worked with city and county officials, grant administrators, homeowners, and general contractors to complete over 100 of these projects and counting.

Our team will perform an initial assessment of the house to be lifted.  During this process, we take measurements and photos, note any issues or variables that may affect the lifting process, and consult with the homeowners to learn more about flood waters and their home.  With this information, we compile a structural assessment report.  That report includes the gathered information as well as lifting feasibility, lifting options, variables to consider when lifting, recommendations for the new foundation design, and financial considerations.

Comal can then design the new foundation to support the elevated house.  During the construction phase of the project, we visit the job site for inspections.  These inspections are to ensure the construction is happening per the design drawings and to verify progress milestones are being reached.  Once the construction is complete, we provide the necessary documentation for a certificate of occupancy to be issued.

Comal strives to complete project requirements correctly and efficiently for each involved party.  For grant administrators, city and county officials that means assessments and documentation.  For contractors, it means a strong foundation design.  For the homeowner, it means peace of mind knowing their home will not flood anymore.  For everyone, it means a successfully completed project.