Oil & Gas

Comal has extensive experience with both land and offshore drilling rig design.  We can help you upgrade your existing rig design.  We can also analyze your existing rig design and provide you with a load rating corresponding with current codes, standards, and industry practices.  Or we can help you design a completely new drilling rig.  Our specialty is structural steel design, but we can assist with other aspects your design, as well.  Whatever your project need is, Comal can meet it.

Comal’s team is knowledgeable with multiple American Petroleum Institute (API) Specifications and Recommended Practices.  We have assisted numerous companies obtain their API licenses.  Our president, Clint Harris, was also part of a committee tasked with updated the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) Drilling Manual.  He is listed as a principal author in the “Structures and Land Rig Mobilization” chapter.

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Drilling Rig Design

  • Complete land rig and offshore rig engineering, analysis, design, and drafting
  • Mast Design and Analysis
    • Cantilever Masts
    • Telescopic Masts
    • Boot-strap Masts
  • Derrick Design and Analysis
  • Substructures, Crowns, Racking Boards
  • Mud Systems
  • Equipment and Backyard Designs
  • 3D Modeling

Rig Inspections

  • Category I, II, III, and IV Rig Inspections
  • Complete Inspection Reports and Documentation

Pipe Handling and Rig Walkers

Safety is always in demand and we are always striving to make sure the drilling process is as controlled and safe as possible. As part of that endeavor, we have worked with drilling contractors to design safe and effective drilling rig systems. Contact us about our rig walking and pipe handling equipment designs.