At Comal Engineering and Design, we have experience with all aspects of residential design. This includes general civil work, foundation designs, structural engineering, and inspections including for windstorm.

Foundation Design

We can design a foundation that is suitable for your particular need.  We will review the geotechnical soil report, discuss with you the requirements from the report and the preferences you have, and determine what type of foundation is best for your project.  A variety of foundation types can be implemented including concrete slabs, concrete pier/pile supports, helical pile supports, and wood-frame designs.

  • We can explain to you the benefits of each foundation type
  • We can also help estimate the cost for each foundation type
  • Our design drawings include the details necessary for the contractor to implement eliminating the guess work

Structural Engineering and Design

Whether you are building a new home, adding on to your home, or renovating the interior of your home, we can provide you with drawings and framing plans to make the construction easy and efficient.

  • We have worked with home builders, contractors, and directly with homeowners
  • We can provide framing details, roofing plans, beam sizes, and much more
  • Our team can also create a 3D model of your home for a better visual representation

Civil Engineering and Design

When your project requires more than structural design, we can also assist with civil engineering design work.  We have helped our customers meet the requirements of the city of Houston and greater surrounding area.

  • Flood Mitigation
  • Drainage Design
  • Impervious Coverage
  • Conveyance and Runoff Calculations


In addition to engineering and design, we offer inspection services.  Our experience has included work with homeowners, realtors, construction professionals, as well as city and county officials for federally funded grant projects.  We can provide a report detailing the scope of service, document any issues that are found, and provide recommendations.

  • We can assess foundation issues such as cracks or settlement and provide recommendations for repair or improvement
  • Our team is available to confirm construction milestones by verifying the construction is being performed per the design drawings
  • We have also helped numerous homeowners assess a house before they purchase it
  • We are windstorm certified and can help if your house or project is located in a windstorm zone